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Hello! I am Thasneen, you can call me “Thas”.

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“This blog is dedicated to my mom who has inspired me to cook and to my husband who always enjoys my food with a big smile on his face”

Cooking never fails to mesmerize me. I am always awed by the enchanting flavor, rejuvenating aromas and incredible colors of the foods that I cook.

I tripped into the world of cooking unknowingly. There were times when I pretended to be my mom and struggled to make my dishes taste like my mom’s. Then there were times when I used to be glued to food network for several hours at a stretch. I was really hooked to so many food shows and my adrenaline would go through the roof when watching Iron Chef America (while my hubby dozed off). I learned new techniques and tricks. I enjoyed dining at a variety of restaurants and adored different cuisines. I had the nerve to try dishes that I had never tasted before. I stepped out of my comfort zone and then the journey began.

Now, I feel content. I’ve gotten what I was searching for all these years – coming to the realization that I have a natural passion for cooking!!!

I tried so many dishes and kept clicking my camera. My man always had to wait so long before he could dig into those dishes and at times he got impatient. Nevertheless, he played a phenomenal role in taking my cooking to the internet with his constant support, never-ending encouragement and terrific sense of humor.

Before I knew it, my laptop was overloaded with food pictures. Looking at those pictures all by myself wasn’t a whole a lot of fun. I wanted to share them with others. So, I created an album on Facebook and kept uploading the pictures almost on a daily basis. The questions that I would frequently get from my friends and family were: Did you make this yourself? How did you make it? Can you share the recipe? and What the heck happened to you? etc., etc.

I was in need of a place where I could record all the recipes that I tried in my kitchen and the pictures that I clicked. Hence the birth of this website on April 28th 2009. Initially, I had no clue about blogging and food writing. I didn’t know I was developing a new addiction called blogging. It gave me a platform to express myself, my love for cooking and the ability to connect with people from around the world.

I am a person who loves variety and that’s one of the reasons why I adore cooking. There is no end to variety in cooking. Although I try different dishes everyday, I always feel that I haven’t mastered the art fully. I can bring the flavors of the whole world cuisine into my kitchen, spread the dishes on the dining table and enjoy my creations with my friends and family. I believe food plays a major role in bringing friends and family together and I love entertaining.

I can unwrap many memories relating to food as a kid, as a teenager, and as I stepped into womanhood. I was very fortunate to have grown up in a family where food was given so much importance. There are many good cooks in my family, especially my dear mom. Had it not been for my mother I wouldn’t have fallen in love with cooking. She’s my first inspiration!

All the recipes and the pictures posted here are developed by me and clicked by me unless stated otherwise. I am a health conscious person, so I try to give a healthy twist to my recipes. All the recipes are tried in my kitchen and made sure it is worth your time to try it.

Also, I love talking about food, hence I started making cooking videos, click here to see all the youtube videos.

Remember, you don’t have to be an expert to cook delicious food. Do it with a heart wide open, sprinkle some love and the results won’t disappoint you.

So let’s cook, eat, share and make this world a better place to live! Do share your thoughts with me via comments.

Love and hugs,


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