Chili Chicken Video – A popular Indo-Chinese Dish

Yesterday evening, I was busy making this video. My hubby helped me with the shooting and I did the editing part. I enjoy editing videos and pictures. As I have mentioned, it’s so unlike blogging. For videos, I’ve to worry about a lot of things. I’ve to dress up, talk infront of the camera visualizing a lot of people are watching me, shouldn’t mess up with the cooking etc etc. My hubby and I laughed a lot while making the video as I made a few blunders 🙂 Anyway, it was fun and I thoroughly enjoyed it. We wrapped up the shooting with a huge laugh. After all the cooking my hubby who’d been listening to my talks and watching me cook asked me “What were you cooking again?”…

Here is the video, do let me know your feedback. Enjoy and thanks for watching. Here is the blog post for chili chicken, I’ve made a few small changes in the video: Chili Chicken recipe

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