Super Bowl Recipes

super bowl recipe ideas

We all look forward to real food on Super Bowl day, don’t we??? Chicken wings, nachos, pizzasss, chipsss. You can fry it, bake it, grill it, it’s your call.

Here are some recipe ideas, plan ahead and awe your guests with your delicious spread!

Pizza Recipes

Ground Beef pizza with homemade pizza crust: Hands down, this is my favorite pizza!

Tip: Make the pizza crust and the ground beef topping the previous day and refrigerate it or you could even freeze the pizza crust for a few weeks.

Wingless Buffalo Chicken Pizza

Salami Pizza

Tip: After baking the pizza, broil it for less than a minute this will give the cheese a nice golden brown color and the pizza tastes better.

Butter Chicken Pizza

Butter Chicken Pizza

Cajun Shrimp Pizza: For a change top your pizza with Cajun shrimp, I tell ya it’s delish.

cajun shrimp pizza



Chicken Wings Recipes

Restaurant style spicy baked chicken wings:  If you are still sticking to your “eat healthy” New Year’s resolution, then this wings are for you, it’s baked!!!


Baked Chicken Wings : I like baked chicken wings, so here is one more recipe for you.


Sesame Chicken Lollipops: Alright, you just don’t need wings you want to make something fancy out of it, if so make lollipops. My favorite chicken lollipops, you have to fry it though, tastes better.

Asian Style Chicken Wings- with Cilantro and Mint- My Favorite

Asian style chicken wings


Chicken Drummettes Recipes

Baked Parmesan chicken drumsticks: It’s baked, it’s aromatic and it’s tasty.

Grilled chicken drumsticks with cilantro marinade: If weather permits go ahead and grill it, else bake it…this is such a phenomenal recipe.


Tandoori chicken with homemade yogurt marinade: Make the marinade, rub it on the chicken drumsticks, let marinade for an hour or overnight, grill it or bake it, it’s that easy. Forget about Indian restaurants!

Baked Barbecued Chicken Drummettes: Using homemade barbecue sauce.



Beef Balls

Popcorn Chicken: Crunchy, crispy and you can’t stop munching on these.


Baked Beef Potato: Perfect Appetizer!

baked beef potato


Homemade baked Tortilla chips: Will there be any Super Bowl party without chips and salsa??? It’s a MUST! Homemade tortilla chips and Salsa, now that’s what I am talking about!

tortilla chips

Homemade Salsa:


Baked Sweet Potato Fries: Chips is a must so make it healthy by making these baked sweet potato fries.

sweet potato fries


Express Chili Soup : I agree! The picture is not that tempting, believe me this soup tastes so good, comfort food for me.

chili soup

Easy Beef Soup


Ground Beef Nachos: Yet another must have dish for Super bowl, Nachosss…

Chicken Tacos: Use store bought tortilla instead of making it from scratch.


Veggie Tacos: Exclusively for vegetarians.



Chocolate Truffles: Wrap up the Super Bowl party with these easy to make homemade chocolate truffles…Choose your favorite topping: pistachios, almonds, peanut brittle, cocoa or coconut.


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