Happy 101 Award

Gina at Simply life made my day special by sharing this award with me…

She has been always special to me, as she is my first ever blogger friend.

After accepting this award I have to list 10 things that make me happy. So here it goes..

  • My husband, the man of my dreams, who is always there to support me, encourage me, critic me and who gave my life a new meaning.
  • My parents, without them I wouldn’t be writing this, I am blessed with such a simple and humble parents who is full of love and care for everyone.
  • My sister, who is all ears to my stupid endless talks, no matter what, when and where, she has been there for me.
  • My grand father, who made my childhood beautiful with bedtime stories and who never failed to answer any of my curious questions.
  • My friends, with them I can be myself. I love to talk and spend time with them.
  • Without a question cooking and food. Eating good food and now cooking good food for others make me happy.
  • Nature, I am an avid nature lover, from sunrise to sunset, chirping of birds, snow showers, fall colors, gawking at the stars almost everything in this nature makes me happy.
  • When the alarm blares in the morning to wake me up, after I snooze the alarm and that extra 15 minutes of sleep under the blanket makes me happy.
  • Traveling and exploring new places make me happy.
  • Sports: tennis, badminton and other outdoor activities make me happy.

Now I share this award to my lovely foodie friends: Keep learning keep smiling, Pierre.cuisine, Anncoo, Kitchenflavours, Enriching your kid, Rachana kothari