Healthy Microwaved Pappadums (Crispy Indian Flatbread)
  • Pappadums- depending upon how many you want, available in almost all Indian stores
  1. Place the pappadums on a microwavable flat dish.
  2. In my microwave, I had to cook for 2 minutes to get crispy pappadums(cooking time varies with the power settings on your microwave and the type of pappadums used, so watch them until you get the crispy texture sometimes it could be low as 20 seconds).
  3. Make sure to wear a microwave gloves as the dish would be really hot after the cooking.
  4. Enjoy the pappadums by itself or by topping it with your choice of topping.
  5. I topped the pappadums with Tomato Rice and Fenugreek Dal
Pappadums made in microwave are crispy but they won't puff up like the ones deep fried in oil.
This is a healthy alternative to deep fried ones.
Avoid crowding the pappadums while placing them on the microwave dish.
Cooking time depends on the power settings of your microwave and the kind of pappadum, it could vary from 20 seconds to 2 minutes.
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