Grilled Sirloin Steak With Homemade Herbal Marinade | Feta Cheese Salad | Complete Grilled Dinner Recipe
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Recipe type: Main
For making the marinade
  • Garlic cloves- 2 large
  • Ginger- 2-inch slice
  • Green onions- 2 stalks
  • Mint leaves- 5 leaves
  • Cilantro- ¼ cup
  • Whole black peppercorns- 1 tsp (for more heat add 2 to 3 tsp)
  • Whole cardamom- 5
  • Water- ¼ cup
For grilling steak
  • Sirloin steak
  • Salt- a few pinches
  • Butter, unsalted- 1 tbsp/steak
For making feta cheese salad
  • Carrots, shredded- 1 cup
  • Celery, diced small- ½ cup
  • Iceberg lettuce- 2 cups (or any greens)
  • Pomegranate- ¼ cup
  • Feta cheese, crumbled- ½ cup
For making salad dressing
  • Lime or lemon juice- 2 tbsp
  • Apple cider vinegar- 1 tbsp
  • Light olive oil- 1 tbsp
  • Ground black pepper- ¼ tsp
  • Dried herb seasoning- ½ tsp (optional)
  • Salt- ¼ tsp
Other ingredients
  • Russet potatoes
  • Sweet corn
  • Dinner rolls
  1. Into a blender jar, add all the ingredients for making the marinade, grind to a smooth paste.
  2. I've taken sirloin steak, great for grilling.
  3. Spread the marinade all over the steak.
  4. Spread some salt & combine well.
  5. Let marinate for at least 30 minutes or longer, or marinate overnight in the refrigerator.
Making Salad
  1. In a bowl, combine all the ingredients for making the salad dressing.
  2. In another bowl, add all the veggies & greens.
  3. Top with pomegranate & crumbled feta cheese.
  4. Pour the salad dressing, combine well.
  5. Pour the salad dressing just before serving the salad, otherwise the veggies will turn soggy.
  6. Fire up the grill.
  7. If grilling potatoes, wrap the potatoes in aluminum foil.
  8. Grease the grill with non-stick cooking spray.
  9. Place the marinated steak.
  10. Place the potatoes wrapped in foil & sweet corn on the grill.
  11. Cover the grill.
  12. Let grill for a few minutes.
  13. Flip over & grill the other side as well.
  14. Grill the steak based on how well you want your steak.
  15. Before taking the steak out of the grill.
  16. Add 1 tbsp butter/steak, let butter melt & grill for a minute.
  17. Transfer the grilled steak to a plate.
  18. Potatoes will take a few minutes to cook.
  19. Flip the sweet corn & grill, after it's taken out of the grill smear with butter.
  20. Half the dinner rolls.
  21. Smear the dinner rolls with butter & place on the grill for a minute till grills marks have formed. Don't place it for more than a minute, the rolls will burn.
  22. Serve the grilled steak, feta cheese salad, grilled potatoes, sweet corn, dinner rolls on a plate.
  23. Enjoy with refreshing mint lemonade.
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