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Hello lovely readers,

Thanks for stopping by my website, thanks for trying my recipes, thanks for your feedback, thanks for your love and support, I couldn’t thank enough and you are the best…

I am pretty sure that you all must be an awesome cook. I am curious to know: What your favorite recipes are? Do you have a favorite family recipe? What are your favorite recipes made by your mom or grand mom (they are the best)? Do you have any recipes that you have tried from a cookbook which earned you applauses? Wait a second, Do you have any recipes that’s developed by you and want to share with others? If the answer is Yes, I have something that might excite you.

You can submit your favorite recipes along with food pictures and it will be posted as a guest post on my website. Yes, you heard me! Your recipes are going to be read, tried, enjoyed and shared by a lot of people. Remember – Cook, Eat and Share!

Requirements you should follow

  • Food pictures should be clicked by you. The width of the picture should be 475 pixels, length doesn’t matter.
  • Recipe should be written in your own words.
  • Incase the recipe is an inspiration from a book or website, incude a recipe courtesy note with the name of the book or link.
  • All ingredients are accepted except Pork.

How to submit a recipe? (easy to figure it out on your own, but here are instructions if you have any difficulty)

  • Enter your name, email and your website (if any).
  • Click continue.
  • You are graciously taken to the guest recipe entry.
  • Enter the post title.
  • To add pictures on the text area, click on uploadimage and select the food picture you want to add.
  • To post recipe, click the cheft hat button chef20add on the right most side of the tool bar.
  • You are taken to the add a new recipe page.
  • Click on details, start entering the recipe name, author, recipe type, cuisine.
  • Summary is not needed.
  • Enter the ingredients (one ingredient per line)
  • Enter the Instructions (one step per line)
  • Enter the preparation time, cook time and serving size.
  • If you have any notes to add, click on notes and enter it.
  • Click on add recipe. Your recipe is added to the post.
  • Click on submit post and it’ll be forward to me for approval.

Here is the video on How to submit a recipe to my website

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me. Thanks in advance for submitting your recipes, I look forward to reading each and every recipe of yours.

Luv and hugs,


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