Easy Healthy Buttermilk Drink Or Sambaram

Beat the heat with this amazingly healthy drink… Buttermilk drink is very popular in India. As summer gets in its peak, people in rural areas depend solely on buttermilk to quench their thirst. Drinking buttermilk will help to lower the… »


Strawberry Sprite – Summer Drink/Mocktail

Sprite with a splash of strawberry flavor in it… Or should I say strawberry drink with a splash of sprite in it??? Thinking. Either way it refreshes you to the core. Scorching sun, sunscreens, sunglasses and chilled drinks, Yay! Summer… »


Easy Chicken Nuggets and Dates Dipping Sauce (Gluten Free)

An impromptu snack that made our evening even more thrilling… Waking up naturally to the sound of birds chirping and trees swaying, staying up late night and getting a sound sleep as soon as my head hits the pillow, these are… »


Ground Beef Couscous with Almonds

Easy to whip up and tastes extremely delicious… I love couscous and admire how it can be mixed with almost anything: veggies, chicken, shrimp, beef, nuts, fruits etc etc.On busy days and lazy days, couscous comes in super handy to… »


Tandoori Chicken with Homemade Yogurt Marinade – Baked or Grilled

Tandoori Chicken huh? So where’s the Tandoor or clay oven??? Smart question! Well, having a traditional tandoor or clay oven at home is not quite feasible. However, nowadays mini version of gas tandoor ovens which can be used at home… »


Mango Chicken Stir-Fry

Myriad of flavors will dance in your mouth and tickle your taste buds… Without any doubt, mango and chicken are quite compatible. I have once had mango chicken at a Thai restaurant in Omaha, NE, it was delicious and since… »


Basbousa or Semolina Cake – Egyptian/Mediterranean dessert

This was a huge hit with my friends, everyone raved about it… I have made this dessert a few years ago before I started this blog. I used a different recipe that time which I don’t quite remember now. Recently,… »


Raspberry Lemon Juice – Non Alcoholic cocktail / Summer Drinks

Glorious summer calls for refreshing drinks… As summer hits its peak, thirst quenchers are in high demand. Summer is all about hitting the beach, outdoor fun, gardening, grilling and refreshing drinks. We have been actively doing all these as soon as we knew that… »


Grilled Chicken Drumsticks with Homemade Cilantro Marinade

Grill it, bake it or pan fry it, cilantro marinated drumsticks are going to taste terrific… The best homemade grilling marinade and the most delicious grilled drumsticks I had in a long time. I warn you, don’t even think of… »

Coconut Milk

Mixed Vegetable Korma

My mom’s vegetarian speciality… While thinking of veggie korma, none of the restaurant kormas come to my mind. Only korma that always flashes to my mind without any denial is my mom’s veggie korma. Hands down the most delicious korma… »

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