Roasted Pumpkin Soup Topped with Fried Mussels

It’s Halloween and I made Roasted pumpkin soup, gave it a halloween touch with caramelized cobweb… Yesterday, I had a shopping spree at the Farmers fresh market and came back home with lots of fresh vegetables and fruits. I was… »

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Top 5 Simple Halloween Recipes

Halloween is around the corner and all I can think about is creepy, scary and weird food. I’ve been looking for some halloween recipes and stumbled upon several websites. I am sure like me some of you may have started… »

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Easy Broccoli Mushroom Soup

Make yourself warm and cozy on a rainy day by sipping this creamy Broccoli Mushroom soup… Today was a sunny day and as the day turned to dusk it started to rain and got colder. To make myself warm I… »

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Banana Wheat Pancake

After a very long time I made a splendid breakfast and a surprise guest showed up from nowhere who made it even more special… Oh Yeah, I easily fall into the category of lazy morning cook, if there is any… »

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Eggless Paratha

Making parotta is a pure art and this flatbread has been reigning the South Indian food world for many centuries… When I think of parotta my mind will instantly dress up to attend a muslim wedding in South India. A… »


Red Swiss Chard and Moong Dal Curry

A stranger for so long and now turned into an intimate… A new leafy vegetable visited my kitchen a few weeks ago, after a few rounds of tasting, it got two thumps up from me. Red swiss chard, with green… »


Idiyappam Recipe – Kerala and Tamil Nadu Cuisine

Idiyappam, a common breakfast dish served both in Kerala and Tamil Nadu… This dish is served at least once or more in a week for breakfast or dinner at my parent’s house. In fact, I don’t think if there would… »


Chilli Chicken – Famous Indo Chinese Recipe

I bonded with chilli chicken at a very young age, as my mom used to make this quite often… Chilli chicken is a famous Indo Chinese chicken dish. You cannot find this on the menu of any Chinese restaurant, I… »


Stuffed Baked Banana Peppers

I stuffed the banana peppers, I baked ‘em and I gobbled ‘em… This stuffed, baked banana peppers was one of the main attractions from my kitchen that happened last weekend. I usually make banana pepper fritters which is a common… »

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Plantain Fritters aka Pazham Pori

Presenting a popular evening snack of my hometown, Kerala… Pazham pori with a cup of hot cardamom tea, even the thought of this makes me nostalgic and cozy. Pazham pori (in malayalam) or Plantain fritter is one of the most famous… »

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