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Khandvi Recipe – Gujarati Savory Snack

Popular Gujarati savory snack… After I’d tried Dhokla, my next to-do Gujarati dish was Khandvi. Both dhokla and khandvi are prepared using similar ingredients. For making dhokla, the fermented batter is steam cooked and is cut into squares. While for… »


Fish in Coconut Gravy – Thrissur Style Fish Curry

King fish cooked in coconut milk… I’ve already posted many South Indian recipes for making fish curries. In South India, fish being one of the staple foods can be cooked in different ways, in fact each district in Kerala has… »


How to Poach egg in a Microwave- Microwaved Poached Eggs

1 minute microwaved poached egg… If you love poached eggs, you will love this method. Making poached eggs in the traditional way can take a few minutes, sometimes it can also go wrong. So, this microwave method is no muss… »


Tortilla Chicken Soup- Easy Mexican Tortilla Soup

It takes a while to get over with the taste of this soup… Had it not been for the freezing Winter, I wouldn’t have enjoyed soups. In Winter, on a lazy cold day I love to sip a warm delicious… »

Basmati Rice

Chettinad Mutton Biryani – Goat Biryani

Absolutely delicious and refreshing biryani… Goat meat is known as mutton in India, mutton is more popular than lamb there. However, in North America lamb is more popular, it’s very hard to find really good mutton over here. Well, I… »


Microwaved Semolina Cake in a Mug

Instant guilt free relief to cake cravings… Remember my 1 minute microwaved chocolate cake in a mug??? It’s a winner! I’ve received so many good feedbacks from my readers and my Man has been a great fan of that recipe. He… »


Chicken Rasam -South Indian Spicy Chicken Rasam Soup

Perfect soup to sip on a cold day or flu day… Rasam is a popular dish in South India. It has a soup constituency and is usually poured over rice and combined well and eaten. It can also be served… »


Potato in Spinach Gravy – Aloo Palak Recipe

A North Indian Vegetarian delicacy… Two of my favorite veggies: spinach and potato got married into one dish. This is in deed a healthy and a pleasing dish. The fleshy potatoes gives a meat feeling and the pureed spinach enhances… »


Asian Style Chicken Patties

Tired of regular patties? Make it Asian style and enjoy… No more complaints! When the weather gets crazy in winter, I get cozy on my couch either watching movies or reading ebooks. Today, I’ve added around 50 best books of… »


Chicken Jambalaya Recipe

Absolutely flavorful Jambalaya… I am so glad that I made a large batch of this chicken Jambalaya, I’ve been enjoying this for the past couple of days. As it sits, the taste and the flavor of this rice is getting… »

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