Squid Roast – Kerala Style Kanava Roast

Squid, one of the seafood delicacies… I couldn’t wait till Spring to start my garden. I love tulips and got excited seeing different colored tulips at a nearby store. I picked this beautiful tulip and kept it in my living… »


Pesarattu or Mung Dal (Green Gram) Dosa or Crepes

Green Dosa or Mung dal (green gram) crepes… A very healthy crepes or a variation to urad dal dosa. The batter is made with Mung dal and rice, while in Dosa urad dal is used instead of mung dal. For… »


Cucumber Milkshake – Refreshing Milkshake

It’s refreshing to the core… This cucumber milkshake might not be great to sip during cold winter days, still I sipped it and felt refreshed instantly. I am waiting for Summer so that I can make more of this milkshake… »


Oats and Apple Pancake

Oats and apples together tastes delicious, loved the combination… During weekends, I try hard to overcome my morning laziness and make a delicious brunch for my Man. On Sunday, just before I was out of the bed, I had a… »


Beetroot Juice- Health Benefits of Beetroot

Beetroot juice is in deed a super food… Such a vibrant root vegetable packed with all amazing nutrients, vitamins, minerals and a lot more. Raw beetroot does have an intense earthy flavor, some people cannot stand that taste. Cooking the… »


Maladu Recipe – Split Dalia Ladoo (Roasted Gram Ladoo)

My favorite among ladoos, made with ground split dalias… One of the sweets that I used to have a lot as a kid was this Maladu. I would get this from the nearby store and would finish one whole packet… »

Gluten Free

Khandvi Recipe – Gujarati Savory Snack

Popular Gujarati savory snack… After I’d tried Dhokla, my next to-do Gujarati dish was Khandvi. Both dhokla and khandvi are prepared using similar ingredients. For making dhokla, the fermented batter is steam cooked and is cut into squares. While for… »


Fish in Coconut Gravy – Thrissur Style Fish Curry

King fish cooked in coconut milk… I’ve already posted many South Indian recipes for making fish curries. In South India, fish being one of the staple foods can be cooked in different ways, in fact each district in Kerala has… »


How to Poach egg in a Microwave- Microwaved Poached Eggs

1 minute microwaved poached egg… If you love poached eggs, you will love this method. Making poached eggs in the traditional way can take a few minutes, sometimes it can also go wrong. So, this microwave method is no muss… »


Tortilla Chicken Soup- Easy Mexican Tortilla Soup

It takes a while to get over with the taste of this soup… Had it not been for the freezing Winter, I wouldn’t have enjoyed soups. In Winter, on a lazy cold day I love to sip a warm delicious… »

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