How to Make Easy Eggless Oats Cookies- Cooking Video

Here is the cooking video for making easy eggless oats cookies.

Easy Pineapple Pudding Recipe – Topped with Coconut/Cashewnuts, Cooking Video

An easy and delicious pudding that can be made in a breeze. This makes a perfect dessert for any occasions, parties and on any day. To print the recipe, click here.

How to make Easy Sweet Corn Chicken Soup – Cooking Video

Sweet corn chicken soup is one of my favorite soups. It’s a popular Indo-Chinese soup. It’s easy to make, tastes delicious and will warm you up. Enjoy the video. Sweet Corn Chicken Soup – Popular Indo Chinese Soup: Cooking Video

Easy and Healthy Pepper Chicken Salad Video

Easy, healthy, delicious, colorful chicken salad for any day. Here is the video, enjoy

Easy and Healthy Breakfast Ideas -Video

Sharing 4 easy and healthy breakfast ideas: 2 minutes microwaved egg and mixed veggies, healthy parfait, carrot-dates smoothie, egg and cheese crepes.

How to make Flan – Easy and Delicious Dessert

Here is the Video for making Flan, an easy and delicious dessert and here is the Flan blog post  

Chilli Chicken Video – A popular Indo-Chinese Dish

Yesterday evening, I was busy making this video. My hubby helped me with the shooting and I did the editing part. I enjoy editing videos and pictures. As I have mentioned, it’s so unlike blogging. For videos, I’ve to worry… »

Teppanyaki at Benihana

One style of cooking that always puts me into amusement is Teppanyaki. My first Teppanyaki experience was at Tanaka of Tokyo restaurant in Oahu, Hawaii. We just randomly picked this restaurant and at that time we were totally ignorant about… »