Chicken and Potato Roast- Kerala Style

Chicken and potato stir fried together and made into a delicious roast, it’s the typical Kerala style roast… South Indian style roast is entirely different from the American or European style roast. In South India, for making meat roast, the seasoned meat… »

Chicken Naan Sandwich Recipe- Chicken Naanwich

Chicken patties sandwiched between mini Naan breads, you get to enjoy chicken Naanwich… Making naanwich was absolutely not in my mind when I entered the Kitchen yesterday. My intention was to quick fix a meal without spending much time. That’s when… »

Asian Chicken Salad

Chicken marinated in an aromatic green herb marinade, stir fried, combined with veggies and drizzled with an Asian dressing; flavorful Asian chicken salad that tastes delicious… A warm welcome to 2015! Let this year bring peace, prosperity, happiness and good health… »

Chicken Soba Noodle Stir Fry – Soba Noodles Recipe

Soba noodles are made from buckwheat flour, have a nutty flavor and tastes incredible when stir fried with chicken and veggies… Recently, I came across soba noodles at the Asian isle in the grocery store. I became curious and soon got… »

Dragon Chicken Pizza

Homemade pizza base topped with dragon chicken… I have to agree that homemade pizzas are healthy and less greasy. It can be made just like restaurant style and can be topped with any kinds of ingredients. Every time, I make… »

Chicken Couscous Soup- Couscous soup

Hearty ground chicken and couscous soup, it’s more like chilli soup, perfect on a cold winter day… As winter arrives, I make more soups and a bowl of any warm soup would make me feel cozy. Every time I make… »

Maqloobeh Recipe – Upside Down Chicken and Rice Recipe

Maqloobeh or Maqluba, a traditional dish of the Arab Levant. You get to enjoy chicken, fried veggies and basmati rice… I’d made this dish a few months ago for Eid. Since then, I’d been debating if I should post this… »

Pesto Chicken Pasta – Spinach Pesto Pasta

Aromatic and flavorful basil pesto combined with chicken and pasta, one of my favorite pasta dishes… I literally love anything that has pesto in it: pesto pizza, pesto chicken, pesto pasta, pesto noodles etc etc, the list is endless. Sometimes,… »

Pan Fried Chicken in Coconut Tamarind Sauce

Chicken seasoned with aromatic spices, pan fried and cooked in a rich and delicious coconut tamarind sauce, absolutely divine… I’ve been obsessed with someone lately, guess who??? If you guessed-my Man then you got it wrong. What I’ve towards my Man… »

Chicken Red Lentil Curry

Protein rich chicken and red lentil curry… While making a healthy chicken curry, I like to add either veggies or lentils which will also make it a nutritious dish. I always have a soft corner for chick peas and red… »