Butter Chicken Pizza – Pizza with Butter Chicken Topping

Pizza topped with butter chicken, very flavorful and extremely delicious… I’d made pizzas with different kinds of toppings, but this one really blew me away. I’d tasted butter chicken pizza from one of the pizza stores in my city, it… »

Chicken Kothu Parotta Or Chicken and Parotta Stir fry

Kothu Parotta is a popular South Indian street food delicacy. For making this, parotta (flatbread made with all purpose flour) is shredded into bite size pieces and stir fried with chicken along with other spices. It tastes delicious with raita…… »

Oats and Chicken Soup- Masala Chicken Oats Kanji

Savory Oats soup with chicken tastes absolutely delicious, I couldn’t stop with just one bowl… One ingredient that’s always seen in my pantry is Oats. Almost everyday I have oats mixed with milk for breakfast, it’s easy to make and… »

Fish in Tomato and Coconut Gravy – Fish Curry with Mint Leaves

Fish cooked in tomato and coconut gravy, mint leaves made this fish curry aromatic… I stepped out a bit from my comfort zone and made this fish curry. Whenever I make fish curry, I follow the usual Kerala style fish… »

Swiss Chard and Red Lentil Soup

A bowl of this soup is so comforting and is made with healthy ingredients… I am back home after a getaway trip. I’d been eating out for the past 3 days. I love dining at restaurants and trying different food,… »

Kidney beans, Peas and Chicken Stew or Curry

Kidney beans, peas and chicken cooked in one pot; highly nutritious, comforting and delicious. This is a dish rich in protein and can be served with chapati, naan or rice… I’ve resumed making cooking videos and had made a few… »

Young Jackfruit Stir fry – Or Thoran with Coconut

Young jackfruit when stir fried with coconut tasted delicious, this makes a perfect vegetarian side dish… Jackfruit is widely available in Kerala. Jackfruit season in India is during March to June. Since, I’d visited India in November I missed having… »

Rumali Roti or Handkerchief Roti

Rumali means handkerchief and roti means flat bread; it’s so thin hence the name rumali. It’s popular in Mughal cuisine… My sister had told me about rumali roti a few times after she had it in a restaurant in Bangalore…. »

Ground Beef Cutlet Burger – Ground Beef Cutlets

Homemade cutlets are the best, ground beef cutlets can be turned into patties for burgers and the male beings in your family and friend’s circle will love it… Yesterday, we hosted a game night at our house. We had some… »

Drumstick Thoran – Moringa and Coconut Stir fry

Drumstick along with coconut when stir fried tastes delicious and makes a healthy side dish… When we hear drumstick , the first thing that comes to our mind is Chicken drumstick or legs. Well, this is not that, this drumstick… »