Shrimp Tapioca Masala – Shrimp Kappa Masala

Shrimp roast and boiled tapioca (cassava) combined together and made into an incredible dish… Tapioca (Cassava) or Kappa (in Malayalam) is a staple food in South India, especially Kerala. In fact, Tapioca is a common root vegetable in many Asian… »

Shrimp Majestic with Chow Mein Noodles

An absolutely delicious shrimp and chow mein stir fry recipe… I’ve already shared the recipe for making Chicken majestic with Peppers, this is one of my top favorites among the dishes I’d tried recently. The other day, I’d a huge debate within myself… »

Homemade Wheat Pizza topped with Chicken

  Wheat flour or atta flour or durum atta is used for making the pizza dough, wheat pizza crust is topped with chicken and baked to perfection…healthy and delicious pizza! Wheat flour or atta flour is widely used for making chapati,… »

Chicken Majestic Recipe with Peppers

Chicken majestic, a popular spicy and delicious appetizer of Andhra Pradesh… While browsing for some Indian style chicken appetizer recipes, I came across the recipe for making chicken majestic. At first, the name majestic appealed to me a lot, then the… »

Chicken and Potato Roast- Kerala Style

Chicken and potato stir fried together and made into a delicious roast, it’s the typical Kerala style roast… South Indian style roast is entirely different from the American or European style roast. In South India, for making meat roast, the seasoned meat… »

Beef and Red Lentil Soup Recipe

  Beef, veggies and red lentil when cooked together makes a fantastic soup… I can only think of hearty soups these days. One or two bowls of soup makes me full and imparts the needed warmth too. I literally make… »

Broccoli Stir fry- Broccoli Thoran Recipe

Broccoli thoran or stir fry, a perfect vegetarian side dish… Thoran (in Malayalam) is a vegetarian side dish that’s popular in Kerala cuisine. Literally, any kind of veggies can be used for making thoran. It is served as a side dish… »

Chicken Naan Sandwich Recipe- Chicken Naanwich

Chicken patties sandwiched between mini Naan breads, you get to enjoy chicken Naanwich… Making naanwich was absolutely not in my mind when I entered the Kitchen yesterday. My intention was to quick fix a meal without spending much time. That’s when… »

Easy Oats and Veg Soup- With Mixed veggies and Chick peas

Instant oats combined with mixed veggies and chick peas, an easy to make hearty soup to keep you warm and cozy… We didn’t have any snow in December, so we enjoyed a green Christmas and New year’s eve. I knew… »

Beef Puff Pastry- Ground Beef Puffs

Puff Pastry with ground beef filling, perfectly crispy and crunchy appetizer or evening snack… Without a doubt, December is my favorite month. My mom, my sis, most of my cousins, aunts and I were born in December and this is the  month when… »