Chicken Stuffed Gift Box – Chicken stuffed in dough and Fried

Chicken masala wrapped in a dough, made into a gift box and fried till crispy, perfect snack to munch on… The recipe for making the meat box with beef was shared by one of my readers last year, here is… »

Easy Hummus Recipe – Hummus and Pita Chips

  The best tasting homemade hummus that can be made effortlessly… One of my favorite spreads or dips is Hummus, it’s very popular in Middle Eastern cuisine. You wouldn’t find any Middle Eastern restaurants without hummus being served along with… »

Bread stuffed with Chicken Masala- Easy Bread Pola Recipe

Bread stuffed with chicken masala and cooked in a pan, more like a savory bread cake, this is known as Bread pola… I’d already shared the recipe for making Kai pola (with plantain) and Erachi Pola (bread is made into a… »

Ground Beef Kinnapathiri – Steamed Rice Batter and Beef Layered Pathiri

Rice batter and beef masala layered and steam cooked, delicious rice and beef cake… After seeing my Chatti pathiri recipe, many of my readers had asked me to share the recipe for making Kinnapathiri. Kinnapathiri is yet another Malabar speciality… »

Easy Chimichanga Recipe- Fried Tortilla Rolls

Tortilla stuffed with chicken, cheese, and beans; folded and deep fried; one of the popular Mexican dishes… Every time, I dine at a Mexican restaurant I will be tempted to order chimichangas as it’s one of my favorite Mexican dishes…. »

Vegetarian Momos Recipe – Steamed Veg filled Dumplings

Momos or steamed dumplings are a traditional delicacy of Nepal… I was introduced to momos by my sister, she had tried it a few months ago and highly recommended it to me. I’ve tried Dim Sums at Chinese restaurants and… »

Grated Cauliflower stuffed Tomatoes – Stuffed Tomatoes

Stuffed tomatoes make a splendid appetizer, these tomatoes are stuffed with grated cauliflower… I fancy cooking veggies and meat without altering their shape, that explains my love for cooking whole chicken and making stuffed veggies. Keeping the original shape makes… »

Asian Style Chicken Patties

Tired of regular patties? Make it Asian style and enjoy… No more complaints! When the weather gets crazy in winter, I get cozy on my couch either watching movies or reading ebooks. Today, I’ve added around 50 best books of… »

Tempura Sushi Rolls

Fry the sushi rolls and you’ll love it even more, it’s crunchilicious… We went to one of the best restaurants in our city for my birthday dinner, their menu was totally unique and different. I wanted to try each and… »

Baked Ground Beef Kebab Recipe

Easy to make kebabs, it’s baked too… Doesn’t it look like beef lollipops??? Beef lollipop does sound fancier than kebabs. No matter how you call it, these kebabs are super easy to make and tastes delicious too. Just combine all… »