Chicken Majestic Recipe with Peppers

Chicken majestic, a popular spicy and delicious appetizer of Andhra Pradesh… While browsing for some Indian style chicken appetizer recipes, I came across the recipe for making chicken majestic. At first, the name majestic appealed to me a lot, then the… »

Chinese Green Onion Pancakes- Scallion Pancakes

Chinese green onion or scallion pancakes, crispy and delicious… Who wants to try Chinese pancakes??? I have to tell you that these are absolutely delicious, it’s crispy and the green onions impart a nice aroma and flavor to these pancakes…. »

Beef Puff Pastry- Ground Beef Puffs

Puff Pastry with ground beef filling, perfectly crispy and crunchy appetizer or evening snack… Without a doubt, December is my favorite month. My mom, my sis, most of my cousins, aunts and I were born in December and this is the  month when… »

Idli 65 Recipe – Idli Fritter Stir fry

Idli or steamed rice cakes are fried and stir fried in a delicious sauce and you get Idli 65: so delicious and a perfect appetizer… Idlis are one of the most popular breakfast dishes in South India. They are actually… »

Chicken 65 Recipe – Delicious Chicken 65

Delicious chicken 65, spicy and deep fried chicken appetizer…. I am still not sure how this dish got the name chicken 65, what does 65 represent? There are several interesting stories about the name; some say the marinade was made… »

Asian style Carrot Chicken Cutlets- Pan Fried Chicken Cutlets

Chicken, carrot, mushrooms and potatoes combined with Asian sauces, made into patties and pan fried, delicious cutlets loved by everyone… Chicken or veggie cutlets are popular evening snacks in South India. Deep fried and crispy cutlets are a delightful treat… »

Pesto Chicken Patties – Pan Fried Pesto Chicken Patties

Basil Pesto combined with ground chicken, made into patties and pan fried, the best tasting chicken patties ever… After tasting these chicken patties, I literally cannot have any other chicken patties, basil pesto made these patties taste incredibly delicious. Making… »

Easy Chili Gobi Recipe- Chili Cauliflower Recipe

Indo-Chinese chili gobi or cauliflower fritters stir fried in a sauce, it’s a dry dish and is delicious… My man dislikes cauliflower but he enjoys it when it’s made into chili gobi or gobi manchurian. If you are wondering what… »

Chicken Stuffed Gift Box – Chicken stuffed in dough and Fried

Chicken masala wrapped in a dough, made into a gift box and fried till crispy, perfect snack to munch on… The recipe for making the meat box with beef was shared by one of my readers last year, here is… »

Easy Hummus Recipe – Hummus and Pita Chips

  The best tasting homemade hummus that can be made effortlessly… One of my favorite spreads or dips is Hummus, it’s very popular in Middle Eastern cuisine. You wouldn’t find any Middle Eastern restaurants without hummus being served along with… »