Bibingka or Rice Cake- Filipino Dessert- Gluten Free Dessert

Bibingka is a popular dessert in Philippines. It’s made with rice flour and coconut milk and it’s baked… Do not confuse this with the Goan speciality Bebinca, even though the names sound the same that’s an entirely different dessert made… »

Pesarattu or Mung Dal (Green Gram) Dosa or Crepes

Green Dosa or Mung dal (green gram) crepes… A very healthy crepes or a variation to urad dal dosa. The batter is made with Mung dal and rice, while in Dosa urad dal is used instead of mung dal. For… »

Khandvi Recipe – Gujarati Savory Snack

Popular Gujarati savory snack… After I’d tried Dhokla, my next to-do Gujarati dish was Khandvi. Both dhokla and khandvi are prepared using similar ingredients. For making dhokla, the fermented batter is steam cooked and is cut into squares. While for… »

Kerala Appam or Laced Rice Crepes- Breakfast Speciality

Soft and melt into the mouth rice crepes of South India… Appam, which can be referred as “Kerala’s Laced Rice crepes” is one of the popular breakfast dishes which is served with both vegetarian and non-vegetarian curries. Appam literally goes well… »

Tapioca Stir fry with Spicy Tamarind Sauce- Easy Kappa Stir fry

Tapioca stir fry along with spicy tamarind sauce is just irresistible… Tapioca is a staple in South India, boiled tapiocas are served as an evening snack or it can be combined with fish or meat which makes a perfect meal…. »

Mussel and Squid Peera Puttu – Chippi Puttu or Meen Puttu

Puttu gets delicious when stuffed with mussel and squid… Puttu or steamed rice flour is a popular breakfast dish in Kerala. Making puttu is really easy: wet the rice flour and add to the puttu maker along with grated coconut… »

Erissery- Sadya dish- Pumpkin and Red Beans in Roasted Coconut Gravy

One of the dishes served with Sadya… For this year’s Onam I made a few dishes that I’d not tried before, one of the dishes was erissery. There are so many versions of making erissery and I liked this version… »

Shrimp or Prawns Chakkoli – Shrimp and Rice Dumplings in Coconut Gravy

My Grandma’s speciality dish, one dish that I crave often and enjoy to the core… I had already posted the recipe for making chicken chakkoli, in which chicken is added along with the rice dumplings and then cooked with the… »

Kadhi Pakora – Veggie Fritters in Yogurt – Gluten Free

North Indian Vegetarian delicacy… Today, by noon I was so sure about what to make for dinner. My mind was full of this kadhi pakora. One of my Indian co-workers shared this dish with me for lunch, it tasted so… »

KINNATHAPPAM – the inevitable sweet ramadan dish of my iftar table

Kinnathappam Prep time 30 mins Cook time 30 mins Total time 1 hour   Kinnathappam is a sweet dish infact a traditional dessert which is very familiar to keralites..Itz really an inevitable dish for my family for an iftar eve..Thanx… »